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This is the most Empowering Way to Heal your Emotional Wounds

Your body doesn’t lie.

It is a reflection of your inner rumblings.

It records, with fierce precision, all of your thoughts, your urges, and your desires. It catalogues your obsessions and perceptions.

It holds every past hurt, trauma, and heartache you’ve ever tried to run from.

Because it wants you to remember. It wants you to feel.

Because if you don’t fully feel your wounds, if you don’t bring them out of the dark and into the light, you will suffer.

Your emotions and inclinations will sit inside of you, like a stagnant body of water that is overtaken by disease and bacteria.

You will become a grey, dulled-down version of who you truly are.

And you can’t let that happen.

You are here for so much more than that.

And so you must uncover your wounds.

At first, you might need time; it’s understandable.

You might need to keep them bandaged for a bit.

You might need to shut all the windows and hide under the covers. And that’s okay.

But then there comes a time when the bandages must come off. You will know when that time is here. You will feel it deep within your bones and your cells. You will feel your body start to undulate with the wisdom of someone who is on fire. You will not be able to contain the vibration of unexpressed and unresolved emotions any longer.

Go with this urge. Because.

If you let your body open up, if you let your heart open up, you will create a space for your feelings to flower from your being, without apology. Your wounds will heal with the warmth of the sun.

And then you’ll be able to move forward. Stronger. Tougher. Wiser.

After that…

There will be days when you walk along the street, lost in the moment, and then you’ll feel it — the energetic imprint of every wound you’ve ever endured tingling inside of you, like a radiant ember, sparkling in the night.

And you will smile.

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