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A Love Letter to All the Conscious Men

Dear Conscious Man:

I just want to say, thank you.

You are the inhale that follows my exhale. You are the cup that holds the essence of my being intact.

You make me delirious, just thinking of you.

Of the ways in which you are able to show your masculine strength, while your vulnerability shines, unapologetic, through the cracks.

Your confidence feels like fire to me. The way your eyes hold me in their gaze gives me a rush of clarity.

I love men like you.

Men like you are full of raw wisdom that runs deep. Men like you lean in to conversations with eyes full of wild knowing. Men like you are acquainted with their inner space and all the gold it holds. Men like you are the fathers, healers, dreamers, speakers, artists, lovers, and leaders that elevate the universal vibration.

Men like you communicate in tones and textures that embolden and inspire. Men like you aren’t afraid to get dirty. Men like you stand up for what’s right. Men like you are both tough and gentle, in varying degrees, at just the right times.

Men like you create things. Men like you rise. Men like you crave peace, and act upon that craving.

And while we’re at it…

Men like you make women like me feel like goddesses. Men like you make women like me lose all the armor and the posturing.

Men like you make women like me release. Surrender. Grow. Stretch. Expand.

Men like you are a blessing on this planet.

From the bottom, and the top, and all the other parts of my heart, I thank you.


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