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Merging Nature + Meditation

The next time you’re out in nature, make it a meditation.

Greet it with zero expectations. No agenda. Nothing to prove or force. Enter it with the fullness of all that you are. Allow your body a chance to soften, so that it might merge with the mystery that surrounds you.

Breathe deep into your belly as you walk. Take in the colors. Feel the sun on your back, your neck, your arms. Feel the wind as it caresses your hair, and your face.

Feel each foot press against the ground beneath you. Be conscious of the grounding quality of Mother Earth, and how she has always held you up, no matter what.

Let the sounds massage your ears. Let yourself hear it all. The buzzing. The leaves, as they hit the ground. The swaying of the trees.

Take it in.

Don’t let a single droplet of a moment slip past you.

Everything else can wait.

Let your guard come down, all the way, so that you can lose yourself for a bit.

That is what meditation is.

It isn’t just sitting on the floor, breathing, with your eyes closed.

It’s this.

It’s living each moment as if there was nothing else.

It’s hearing yourself again, after many days and nights of interminable silence.

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