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Meditation Isn’t About Peace; It’s About Finding Yourself

Meditation, when done properly, is a deep eternal sigh. It’s a surrendering. It’s an invitation to just be as you are. Not in a cute superficial “Be Yourself” kind of way, but in a raw, total, all-encompassing, messy, vulnerable, and dangerous kind of way.

‘Cause there’s nothing wrong with who you are. It’s exactly who you need to be, in this moment.

When we meditate, we are waking up to the nudge of wild acceptance. We are looking beyond the surface to access the depth of the waters, no matter how dark, cloudy, and murky they may be.

Meditation isn’t about quieting your mind. And it’s not about finding inner stillness and peace.

It’s about finding yourself, where you are. And not trying to be someone else, or somewhere else.

It’s about stepping into the fullness of you.

It’s not about “letting go” of the thoughts.

It’s about letting them come, at first. Because come they will. You’ll have no choice. You can try to shut them out, try to ignore them, but they’ll still be there, demanding your full attention. Waiting eagerly for you at the end of every exhale.

It’ll be unpleasant. It’ll be hard. You’ll convince yourself that the easiest thing to do is step away, give up, never meditate again.

But — remember — you didn’t come here for “easy.” You came here to grow, to journey, to explore. You came here to stretch. To plunge madly into the core of all that you are.

And so meditation won’t be easy.

In the beginning, you will close your eyes. You will breathe. You will follow the breath, making sure to keep the spine straight.

In one moment, you will be there. You will be locked in. And the next, you will be thinking about the laundry you have to do, or that one thing that your friend said to you last night.

But that’s okay. Let the thoughts come, and then, undeterred, go back to the breath.

With every thought that comes, let it complete itself. Then go back to the breath.

With every distraction and frustration, just acknowledge it in the moment. But then, the breath. Find it again.

Meditation might make you feel like you’re going mad. It might make you feel like you’re not good enough, like you don’t know how to sit still.

Accept what comes up for you, in each moment. And then, always, back to the breath.

Keep this up, and one day, you will find that you can be with the breath for 30 seconds, or a minute, or two minutes, before the thoughts or feelings come up again.

The amount of time you meditate with ease will slowly and naturally continue to expand, the more you do it.

Trust that. Trust in yourself. Trust in the moment.

Accept where you are right now. You got this.

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