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How do you Awaken Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini Energy is a power, deep in the pelvis, that every human being on this planet contains within. The things is, however, not everyone knows that it’s present. And many go about life without ever understanding or connecting to it in any meaningful way.

So what is Kundalini energy, and why is it something we’d even bother with awakening?

In Sanskrit, Kundalini translates to “coiled.” This sleeping energy exists in the first chakra, which is a major energy center located in the pelvis; and it’s known to be a kind of serpent, sleeping, coiled, three and a half times around. When it’s awakened, this serpent travels up the spine and to the crown of the had, leading to deep states of bliss, pleasure, creativity, and enlightenment.

Although Hindu culture has amazingly captured a great deal of knowledge about this energy in ancient texts, this is something universal to us all, and has been found in many other cultures in our world. Kundalini has been referred to across teachings in places like Tibet, China, Africa, and Greece.

Depending upon the individual, it’s possible to awaken Kundalini accidentally, without any prior knowledge of Kundalini practices. And although it can lead to heightened states of ecstatic sensations and a deep sense of oneness with all things, it can also leave an unprepared practitioner unsure of how to direct and work with all of the energy that is moving through their body.

When Kundalini energy moves up the spine, it needs an open and clear channel to move through. An open and clear channel is present when there are no attachments to emotional pain, negative patterns, and the build-up of certain karmas. However, if there isn’t an open and clear channel present, and Kundalini is still brought to move up the spine, it will forcefully remove any obstacles in its path. This might lead to a great deal of emotion and sensations in the body that might feel strange and unfamiliar.

This is why it’s best to work with Kundalini gently, and with an open heart and mind. When you approach Kundalini with a true desire to learn, and to work through any stubborn karmas that are clinging to you, you create a healthy space for navigating and understanding this energy.


How to Awaken Kundalini


Some ways of awakening Kundalini include:

  • Meditation
  • Mantra work
  • Chanting
  • Pranayama
  • Dancing
  • Lovemaking
  • Movement

Everyone’s Kundalini journey will be unique and fully their own. There is no one specific and sure path toward awakening this energy.

The thing that I’ve learned in my own spiritual journey is that it’s important to release all expectations. Without dictating what our journey should look like, we open ourselves up to the journey we’re meant to have.

Approach Kundalini with love, curiosity, and flexibility. Release the need to hold any rigid ideas or desires. We put ourselves in boxes, at times, by creating desires from a places that aren’t truly in alignment with our highest good.

Kundalini isn’t just about having an awakening. It’s a journey of exploring, releasing, purifying, and accepting ourselves and all that is.


Kundalini Spark


On October 15, I’m releasing my latest online course: Kundalini Spark. It’s a 7-Day Journey of understanding and aligning to the power of Kundalini within. I’ve designed these practices based on over a decade of studying Kundalini and practicing Tantra. If you want to sign up for the course, you can go here.


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