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How to Supercharge Drinking Water with your Intentions

Water is a portal to unlimited possibility.

It responds to our feelings, thoughts, and intentions. Water cycles through our daily lives, sustaining and nurturing our bodies and our planet. Its energy opens up the potential of flow and ease. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, giving us an intimate connection with this powerful and necessary element.

In the 1990s, Dr. Masaru Emoto did a study on water, and found that positive and negative words/intentions each had different effects. When negative words were spoken to the water, the crystals in it became disrupted and fragmented. However, when positive words were spoken, the water crystals bonded together and formed the most amazing shapes. Our ability to impact water, and water’s ability to “hear” and respond to us, is simply astounding. We can use this connection to enhance our daily lives.

Supercharging water with our deepest desires and intentions is easy, and a great way of connecting to water each day. (It’s also good motivation to remind you of the importance of your daily water intake!)

Supercharging your water is very simple…

Fill a glass, bottle or cup with water.

You can use anything you want, but if at all possible, try to pick a container that you have a connection with; something meaningful. I have a bottle with sacred geometry and the word “love” written on it that I love to use. It helps to purify the water and fill it with good vibes right away.

Place your hands on the container and set your intention.

Stand or sit in front of the container and place your hands around it. Take a deep breath and state your intention. You can do this in your head, or you can speak it out loud. State it in the positive, as if it’s something that’s already happening in your life. Examples: “I am joyful.” “I experience love in my life every day.” “I am abundant.” “I have harmonious relationships.”

Feel the energy of the words moving from the heart, through the arms, into the cup.

This’ll make your supercharging even stronger. Bringing the heart into it laces your intention with emotion. That emotion is the fuel you need to give your intention an extra boost toward reality.

Drink the water.

When you’re done, take the water and drink it! Feel the energy of the intention coming into your body, and rest assured knowing that you got this.



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