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Women: How to Cleanse and Heal your Womb

Every woman’s womb carries a special blend of potency and magic.

The womb is the place of creation. It’s the place where we gather our power, process our emotions, and find alignment to the truth of who we are. Our ancestors knew this. Hundreds of years ago, they immersed themselves in practices of healing, strengthening, and honoring the womb space. They lived in deep alignment to their wild feminine knowing, using that wisdom to guide and inform their daily lives.

It’s time to reclaim our connection to our wombs. That is our power. By activating the energies inherent in our womb space, we bless our bodies and harness the alchemical powers of self-love and transformation.

In order to deepen our womb connection, we must cleanse our wombs, so that they’re free of any old remnants of emotions, beliefs, ideas, and past experiences that are no longer serving us.

And let’s face it — even without the womb cleansing — us women are fierce, powerful, worthy, whole, and complete. That’s just a fact. That fact exists in our very breath and our very essence; in the way we move or tell a story; in the way we use our voices; in the way we dream, vision, create, and press on, no matter what.

But the womb cleansing is there as a tool. As a way of going deeper and activating the dormant feminine energies within. When we womb cleanse, we’re bowing down to the beauty and holiness of our own bodies. When we womb cleanse, we’re acknowledging our worth. When we womb cleanse, we’re freeing ourselves from the ideas that others have about us, so that we can boldly step into our own ideas and knowing about who we are.


Here are some ideas for beginning your Womb Cleansing journey…


Place your hands over your womb and breathe 


Sounds simple, right? The beauty is in the simplicity. As you gently rest your hands on your womb, imagine that you’re sending your breathe down into this space. Imagine that every inhale is nurturing and strengthening your womb. With each exhale, allow your womb to relax and release. 5-10 minutes of this practice daily works wonders.


Dance While Maintaining Womb Focus 


Cleanse and activate the womb by dancing. Use movements that involve the hips. As you dance, stay focused on your womb. Imagine your womb opening like a flower as you continue to move your body. Allow your movements to be informed by the body, and let the mind completely take a backseat for this practice.


Speak Loving Affirmations to your Womb 


Words carry power. When we feed our womb with positive words, the impact is tremendous. We open the womb up to major healing and rejuvenation, while strengthening our connection to this sacred space. Use simple direct words to let your womb know that it matters. Some examples: I love you. You are powerful. Thank you for keeping me strong. You are pure magic. 


Meditate on Aligning Heart Space to Womb Space  


When heart and womb come together, stand back; ‘cause it’s about to go down. Heart + Womb is a lethal combination. Both forces combined bring about such unstoppable fierceness that you won’t be able to deny the power. Place your left hand over the heart, and your right hand over the womb. Start by breathing and focusing on the insides of your breasts, which are connected to the heart chakra. Stay in this space for a few minutes. Then, as you inhale, imagine you are drawing a line of energy from the heart and into the womb, to the space beneath your belly button. When you exhale, draw the line back up from the womb and back into your heart. Do this for a few minutes, and feel the powerful energies integrate between these two major centers in your beautiful body.


Do a Weekly Womb Cleansing Ritual 


For a deeper experience, try doing a Womb Cleansing Ritual. Burn some sage and engage in a the art of smudging. Place the sage in front of the womb and move it around, allowing the smoke to cleanse and heal the area. Say some affirmations, visualize your womb healing, and move your hips to get stagnant energy out.


Above all: Be more conscious of nurturing your womb on a day to day basis, and it will lead to healing, transformation, and an amplification of your feminine powers!

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