Activate all your chakras. Feel more joy, balance, and bliss.



Have you always wanted to learn how to clear and activate your chakras?

Are you craving more balance? More happiness? More stability?

Are you looking to cultivate your spiritual practice in such a way that brings more peace, joy, and ease into your daily life?

When you look at your life right now, do you feel like there’s so much more that you want to do and experience?

If you felt a YES in your heart in regards to any of those questions, then my upcoming 4-week course, The Soul Rebel’s Guide to Activating your Chakras, might just be meant for you!

Being able to clear and open my chakras has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. And in this 4-week course, I’m going to show you how to:

*Activate your chakras in an invigorating way that will support and strengthen you in all ways –mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically

*Protect your energy from others, so that you can keep your vibration high throughout the day

*Gain more clarity and awareness of yourself and your true purpose

*Live in absolute alignment with your authentic self

*Release anything that might be keeping you from shining your light as fiercely as possible

*Gain some deep wisdom about your inner world and your energetic body

*Create a daily ritual that will pave a major pathway toward fulfilling your goals

Here’s what our 4 weeks together will look like:
Week One
Root Chakra + Sacral Chakra Activation

During this first week, we will experience some supportive grounding work. We’ll learn exercises and practices for cultivating more stability in the areas of Purpose, Home Life, and Money. We’ll also learn super techniques for owning/balancing our emotions, while liberating our sexual energy in a way that is healthy and wildly fulfilling.

Week Two
Solar Plexus + Heart Chakra Activation

As we move up the chakras, we’ll start developing confidence and fueling it with love. We’ll do some fun and energizing exercises that will help us to tame the ego and heal any past hurts that have been buried in the heart area. And this is going to be a challenging week, because we’re going to experience ways to dance with fear, so that we can create and do more of what we want in life!

Week Three
Throat Chakra + Third Eye Activation

Things are going to get intense in our third week together! I’ll be sharing exercises for liberating your expression and being more authentic in your communication with others. We’ll also be working on developing our intuition and psychic abilities.

Week Four
Crown Chakra Activation

The final week centers around connecting to something that is bigger than you. It’s about integrating all of the chakras and experiencing what it’s like to have all of your major energy centers activated. Your vibrations will be feeling very high this week, as we dive into the art of surrender and manifestation. We’ll be putting all of the pieces together and taking our soulful development to the next level.

You will receive all of the content over these 4 weeks through:

*Video lessons on chakra activation

*Exercises for clearing and activating each chakra

*Exercises for integrating all the chakras together

After you’ve finished taking The Soul Rebel’s Guide to Activating your Chakras…

*Your 7 chakras will be cleared and activated (and you’ll really be able to feel this amazing feeling in every cell of your being)

*You’ll be able to release fears and any other baggage a lot easier than you do now

*You’ll feel a deeper sense of peace and purpose

*You’ll have a daily ritual that will support you in creating your best life

*You’ll experience a crazy-deep connection to yourself and to the people around you — not to mention, to SOURCE energy!

Doesn’t get any better than that.

If you’re feeling the pull to join us for this course, I’d be absolutely honored to have you!


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