Make Magic Happen.

Join the Tantric Manifestation Circle!


Using the mystical practice of tantra to manifest is beyond powerful.

If you feel a deep craving to:

*Tap into your esoteric energies to maximize your creative potential

*Consciously design the life you want

*Learn the true meaning of manifestation and how to work with it to achieve awe-inspiring results

*Feel more ease and joy in life

*Reignite feelings of passion and purpose within

*Shake away the negative, disruptive thoughts

*Take more action


*Align yourself with the powerful energies of nature

…then this circle is definitely for you.

We will meet online 3 times:
The New Moon of December 28th, 2016
The New Moon of January 27th, 2017
The New Moon of February 26th, 2017

All you need to be able to meet is a phone or a computer. I will also be sending everyone a recording of the circle, so if you can’t make it on those days, you’re covered.

Why do we meet on the New Moon?

Because that’s the most powerful time to manifest.

This circle will teach you how to align with the potent energies of nature and cycles. Once you do that, you will be able to charge your energy and raise your frequency higher. Your ability to manifest + create will be heightened.

If you’ve ever wanted to start harnessing the power of Tantra and the New Moon, Now Is The Time. Seriously. Don’t wait any longer. If you want to start getting things done and living your purpose, this is your chance to be a part of something awesome.

What will we do during our calls?

When we come together in this online circle, we will set intentions and start clearing the mind. A clear mind is a powerful mind. And that will be the spark that ignites our process. After that, I will guide you through a Tantric Manifestation Ritual. We will be visualizing, meditating, and supercharging our bodies/minds/hearts.

I will also give you some homework, so that you continue to harness the magic of manifestation, even after our call.

Just so you know: I’m all about taking action! We visualize and we meditate, then we get up and we use the new energy that has been stirred within us to make things happen. I will guide you through doing that, and this will empower you to start living and creating the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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