Activate your subtle energy channels and experience orgasmic bliss. This course is based on Tantric Principles; it explores Chakra Work, Kundalini, Visualization, Sacred Sexuality, Meditation, and Breathing. Highly transformative.


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Have you ever had an orgasm that made you lose all sense of time and space?

Have you ever had an orgasm wrap itself around every square inch of your body and undulate you into indescribable bliss?

Have you ever had an orgasm that entangled your own soul with the soul of your partner’s, making the two of you feel like one being?

Have you ever had an orgasm spread across your body, like divine nectar, and remind you of what a sacred, powerful, awe-inspiring being you are?

Have you ever had an orgasm that made you so dizzy with ecstasy that your own body felt as if it expanded to a million times its size, just to contain all of the pleasure?

Have you ever had an orgasm that lasted beyond the sexual context? One that you used to enhance your work, creative life, relationships, and everything else?

‘Cause here’s the thing:

Your natural state is Orgasmic Energy. It’s aliveness, vibrancy, energy, electricity, and passion.

But things have happened in your life to shut those parts of you down.

Things like:

Negative thoughts

Limiting beliefs

Sexual traumas

Past experiences

Stuck emotions

Toxic relationships

Obligations and pressures

Society’s attitudes about sex and sexuality

See: The world isn’t ready to deal with…Sex, Sexual Energy, Orgasms, and Pleasure.

At least not in a positive and empowering way.

Instead, sex is made out to be taboo. It’s something dirty and behind closed doors. It’s not discussed with any kind of openness or love or true, deep understanding.

And so we’ve lost our own Orgasmic Flow.

There’s no flow of any kind happening, actually.

Because, guess what?

When you close the door to your sexuality, when you feel shame or guilt surrounding it, then your whole life suffers.

The Energy of Sex = Life Force Energy

Life Fore Energy is known as Prana, or Chi. It is the energy that makes up every single one of us. And it is the energy upon which the universe moves and operates. And that Life Force Energy at its core is of a sexual nature. Without that energy, we would cease to exist.

Sexual Energy is where all of our power lies. It’s where our pleasure, passion, and energy stems from.

And that’s why I created Orgasmic Flow ~ 28 Days of Awakening your Inner Fire

To help you feel better orgasms in the bedroom — and more importantly, to help you take that orgasmic energy outside of the bedroom! So that you can use it to awaken to your true self. Your true potential.

I’ve been studying and teaching the systems of Tantra, Kundalini, Taoism, and Feminine Energy for YEARS. And, inspired by all of these teachings, I’ve finally created a system that is geared toward getting you to reconnect to your natural orgasmic state, so that you can be super-fulfilled in your sex life, your creative life, your home life, your work life…you name it.

So let me break it down and really show you what’s in it for you.

If you take my Orgasmic Flow journey, you can expect to see these kinds of results:

– Deeper, more satisfying orgasms

– More passion and energy for sex + any other goals

– A clearer, vibrant mind that doesn’t dwell of negativity or things that happened in the past

– A greater understanding of chakras, kundalini, and the study of tantra

– Clearer, more open chakras

– A love and appreciation for your sexuality

– An understanding of your highest self and all the potential you carry within

And Here’s How It All Works:

Every day for 28 days, I will send you a new video lesson.

Each day is designed to put you more in touch with your body and help you to free up your energy channels, so that the orgasmic energy can flow more freely. To do this, you will be immersed in various exercises like:


Deep breathing


Chakra Clearing



Movement exercises

Many of the exercises are designed to merge easily into your daily life, so that you don’t have to put too much time aside to complete everything. Depending upon the lesson, you will only need to spend 10 – 25 minutes a day on your Orgasmic Flow work.

But you’ve been warned: The lessons and exercises I’ve created are so addictive and feel so amazing, that youmight actually go longer than you set out to!

What exactly do you get?

You will receive:

28 video lessons

4 Audio Visualizations

PDF worksheets

A PDF journal to track your progress

Email support from me, if you ever have a question

How much does it cost?

Right now, the price is $127 for this course.

I hope you will join us for this unique and transcendent experience!

Click here to Sign Up + Grab Your Spot!

And if you’re still not sure if this is for you, check this out…

Orgasmic Flow is for you if…

– You are yearning to experience deeper, more fulling orgasms.

– You feel a lack of passion, energy, pleasure, or libido.

– You have a lot of stuck emotions and disempowering thoughts that you’re ready to deal with.

– You want a more soulful and deep sex life.

– You want to love yourself and your body more.

– You want more ease and happiness.

Orgasmic Flow is not for you if…

– You’re fine with keeping things as is.

– You’re not ready to know yourself in a deeper way.

– You’re not open-minded when it comes to energy channels and mystical art forms like tantra.

I would be so honored to be your guide on this journey!


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